Think that large scale solar-electricity is new? Dr. Mazzi helped assess O&M improvements on Luz's 394 MWe solar-electric plants 1990-1991. The plants were powered 75% from solar-thermal troughs and 25% from natural gas.

Mazzi Consulting Services

The figure above is from a fun lecture to help understand the concept of entropy

Click here to listen to Dr. Mazzi speak about Jevon's Paradox from 2014

Dr. Eric Mazzi has over 25 years of experience in applied engineering practice, policy research, and teaching. His interests in resources and the environment include both the technology and policy aspects of energy systems. He has worked in aerospace, air pollution consulting, energy utility operation and maintenance, and demand-side energy management. For 5 years he was the lead instructor for the Master of Engineering in Clean Energy at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Mazzi holds B.Sc. (Cal Poly Pomona) and M.Sc. (Univ of Southern California) degrees in mechanical engineering, and a doctorate degree in quantitative policy analysis (Univ of BC, Resources & Environment). He completed a fellowship in engineering, policy, and public health (UBC Bridge Program). Dr. Mazzi is a registered professional engineer in British Columbia (P.Eng. #24822) and California (PE # M27431). He is also a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and a Certified M&V Professional (CMVP).

Additional information on my background is available on my Linkedin page.

Current Clients and Projects

  • Energy efficiency is happening in Alberta! MCS is pleased to be part of a team working with SPG to perform industrial energy audits for 4 facilities sponsored by EE Alberta.
  • Member of Carolinas HealthCare System​ ​expert advisory group developing an evaluation, measurement & verification plan for their energy-saving behavior change program.
  • Active volunteer member of the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) committee (, and the IPMVP Sub-committee on Statistics & Uncertainty.
  • BC Hydro Conservation & Energy Management - industrial engineering technical review.
  • BC Hydro Conservation & Energy Management - industrial measurement & verification (M&V). BC Hydro has one of the best electrical energy M&V teams in North America. 
  • FortisBC Energy Inc. - technical review of industrial natural gas & electric energy efficiency projects.
  • Dr. Mazzi is an Adjunct Professor supporting NYIT-Vancouver in developing an energy lab to use for teaching purposes in their M.S. Energy Management program within the School of Engineering.
  • CEATI Customer Energy Solutions Interest Group (CESIG) - technical advisor.
  • Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET) and Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) - CEM and CMVP instructor.
  • ​Dr. Mazzi is an advisor to Yorkville University - Vancouver for their Energy Management​ specialization in their B.A. Business program. It's great to see our business colleagues are training in energy management! It's a good program. Check it out.