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The diagram above is a favorite. About 31% of global total electricity powers electric motors, usually for a pump, fan, or compressor (Cullen 2010 Energy Policy v38 p75)

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Demand-side energy management policy (rates, programs)
Demand-side energy management process and impact evaluations (with colleagues Sulyma and Tiedemann)
Regional air quality policy
GHG control policy

Watch Dr. Mazzi's clip on energy management and CEM training.


Industrial energy efficiency (electric and thermal). 3rd party review, energy savings audits, strategic energy management development, and behavior change M&V.
Energy measurement & verification (IPMVP methods)
Integrated energy, air quality, and GHG solutions

Human behavior has emerged as a key piece of the puzzle in demand-side energy management policy. The graph above is from Dr. Mazzi's recent book chapter on the subject (chapter 21 of this book).


Energy efficiency technology for electric & thermal systems
Post-secondary curriculum design for energy & environment
Engineering thermodynamics
Engineering fluid mechanics
​Energy savings measurement & verification (M&V)
​Energy policy
Fundamentals of sustainability (science perspective)